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Hallmark Physiotherapy was established in April 2004 in Singapore with further expansions over Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. The team at Hallmark Physiotherapy is dedicated physiotherapists with objective to provide quality Physiotherapy services to a larger section of people. We specialize in musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, and neurological disorders. We manage hospitals, nursing homes private clinics providing best in class physical therapy.

Hallmark Physiotherapy is well-equipped to diagnose and treat patients. We also have a team of passionate health and fitness professionals that are committed to helping our clients attain their individual goals and realize their potential by using updated evidence-based methods of exercise programming, training, and testing.

Our vision is to continue our expansion and employs certified and experienced physiotherapists with each therapist graduating from an internationally accredited program.

Hallmark physiotherapy utilize evidence-based methods to design individually tailored treatment programs to achieve the best outcomes. Here at Hallmark, we provide a professional, client-centered approach with efficient and effective services so clients will be independent and achieve life-long exponents of health and fitness.

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Well-Curated Treatment Plan

Our trained therapist will provide a comprehensive and goal-oriented treatment plan during the initial evaluation to ensure you have a speedy recovery.


Best Service

At Hallmark Physiotherapy, we offer you therapies that are proven, beneficial and evidence-based. We ensure to provide you individualized treatment and care that caters to your needs.


Variety of Therapy Option

We provide hands-on therapy, exercise, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning to enhance your physical strength, reduce pain and avoid the recurrence of future injuries.


We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.


We are customer focused provide a best solution of business.


Our success rate almost 100% - ensures goal of any type business .


We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.

Expert People

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Rona C. Arsulo Physiotherapist

Rona C. Arsulo

Wellness and Sports Masseuse, Philippines
vaizhnavi-madhavan Physiotherapist, Malaysia

Vaizhnavi Madhavan

Physiotherapist, Malaysia

A Masterskill University & Health Science Graduate in 2012, Vaishu's friendly nature is well liked by her clients. She is experienced with working with both singaporean and malaysian clinics in her career.

Kartik Physiotherapy


Senior Physiotherapist, Malaysia

Senior Physiotherapist / Kartik completed Post Graduate Spinal Physiotherapy with fellowship of Neurological Rehabilitation, (European Accreditation Council) after completing a Bachelor of Physical Medicine In M.S Ramaiah Medical College, India

Ravichandran Physiotherapy


Founder and Senior Physiotherapist, Singapore

A graduate of Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy College after his Bachelors Program in India. Ravichandran founded Hallmark Physiotherapy group in 2004.

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