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 At Hallmark Physiotherapy and wellbeing Center, we believe that treatments yield greater results when they are given with a positive and encouraging attitude. We utilize an individualized, “hands-on” treatment approach that is highly valued by our patients. As a trusted and long-time member of the community, we welcome the opportunity to help you overcome your pain, physical limitations, and/or injuries

Clinic / Home services

Our personalised rehabilitation treatment with hands-on physical therapy will help you address chronic pain or recover from an injury or surgery.

Online Consultation

Consult us anytime, anywhere, with just a phone call away. We offer online consultation that is of utmost convenience.

Patient Resource Centers

The patient resources centre provides health information. Patients, families and staff are welcome to use the resources to gain insights into the treatments. Our friendly service can help you to take care of your health.

Corporate Ergonomics

We provide effective solutions that can be implemented to improve the workplace and reduce ergonomic-risks and problems. Our Ergonomic program includes comprehensive workplace assessment and employee training.

Corporate Talks / Awareness

We regularly conduct health management talks in offices and workplaces to educate and share knowledge in regards to health and safety.

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