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In our clinic, we offer you full treatments for:
  • physiotherapy
  • sports injuries physiotherapy
  • sports massage
  • acupuncture
  • chiropractor treatment
  • post surgeries rehabilitation
  • scoliosis
  • back pain
  • knee pain


If you need physical therapy, choose HALLMARK PHYSIOTHERAPY. We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes—customized for you.

Make HALLMARK PHYSIOTHERAPY , your first choice for physical therapy. We offer individualized treatment plans specially designed for you with exceptional care by trusted expertise to produce remarkable outcomes.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Want to start feeling better fast? With over 15000 clients since 2004, we are well experienced. Plus, we’ll schedule your first appointment with a Physical therapist in 24-48 hours, so you’ll start feeling better fast.

Our personalised rehabilitation treatment with hands-on physical therapy will help you address chronic pain or recover from an injury or surgery.

WHAT TO EXPECT – Clinic / Home services

A dedicated therapist will be chosen to work with you based on your needs.

  1. Your therapist will develop a comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment plan and discuss it with you during your initial evaluation.
  2. We’ll communicate with you and your doctor (if any) throughout your treatment to monitor and keep you up to date on your progress and healing process.
  3. Hands-on therapy, exercise, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning may be used to help improve your physical strength, reduce pain, and avoid the recurrence of future injury.

If you have questions

Our Hallmark Physiotherapy Practices are owned and operated by Registered Physiotherapists. We’ve built our practice based on the quality of our treatment, which reflects the highest standards of our profession. Every day, we come to work to provide diligent, practical and effective physiotherapy services that are thoughtful and thorough.

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